GlusterFS is a distributed filesystem that is scalable and highly available. You can configure GlusterFS with a few modes, such as replicated, distributed, and dispersed. Each comes with its benefit and can be configured based on your workload or requirement.

You can create high availability storage with GlusterFS on two or more common off-the-shelf server hardware. It could be easily be configured on Linux distributions such as CentOS / Red Hat and Ubuntu.

Steps to create highly available storage with GlusterFS:

  1. Install and configure GlusterFS server on your preferred Linux hosts.
  2. Prepare a dedicated partition on each server to be used for the volume.

    XFS is the recommended filesystem type for GlusterFS, but other filesystems can also be used.

    Shared partition can also be used but is not recommended.

  3. Create a storage cluster or peer nodes configuration that will host our GlusterFS volume.
  4. Create a GlusterFS volume on top of the created storage cluster.
  5. Mount GlusterFS volume from remote machines.
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