Virtual machines in VirtualBox can be exported from one VirtualBox installation and imported to another. It works well to move virtual machines across different systems and physical locations.

If you're moving your virtual machine image within a local machine, for example, into a new disk or partition, the export and import process could be daunting. It is especially true if you're moving a large number of virtual machines or recently changed your VirtualBox's virtual machine directory.

Steps to move VirtualBox virtual machine within local host:

  1. Make sure your virtual machine is powered off.
  2. Get current location of your virtual machine image.
  3. Exit VirtualBox.
  4. Copy or move the virtual machine folder to a new location.
    $ mv ~/Workspace/VMs/VirtualBox/Ubuntu ~/Workspace/VirtualBox/VMs/
  5. Start VirtualBox.
  6. Right click on virtual machine and click Remove.
  7. Click Remove to confirm removal.
  8. Click on Tools.
  9. Click on Add.
  10. Navigate to the virtual machine folder and select on the .vbox file.
  11. Click Open.
  12. Run the virtual machine to test.
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