Access to AWS S3 buckets is by default set to private. This denies access to the objects within the bucket from everyone.

One way to allow access to the objects in the S3 bucket is to enable public access to the whole S3 bucket by applying an appropriate public access policy.

The other option is to enable public access only to specific objects or files and folders in the bucket. You can allow public access to these objects by using the Make public option.

Steps to allow public access to private AWS S3 bucket files:

  1. Create a private S3 bucket if you don't already have one.
  2. Go to S3 section in your AWS Console.
  3. Click on the private S3 bucket with the object that you want to make public.
  4. Click on the Permissions tab.
  5. Click Edit on the Block public access section.
  6. Click on the Block all public access to uncheck and disable the options.
  7. Click on the Save changes button.
  8. Type confirm in the textbox to confirm.
  9. Click on the Confirm button.
  10. Click on the Objects tab.
  11. Click on the object that you want to make public.
  12. Click on the Object URL link to test current object access.
  13. Confirm current object access is still private and go back to object's properties page.
  14. Click on the Object actions dropdown menu.
  15. Click on Make public via ACL.
  16. Click on the Make public button.
  17. Click on the Close button.
  18. Click on the link in the Object URL again to test.
  19. Confirm current object access is now public.
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