S3 buckets are by default private. Private buckets configuration ensures objects in these buckets which are not meant for public consumption are not accessible to everyone.

A new S3 bucket can be created from the S3 dashboard to store your files in the cloud privately.

Steps to create private AWS S3 bucket:

  1. On S3 main screen, click on the Create Bucket button.
  2. Choose a unique name and the region that you want your S3 bucket to be hosted. Click Next.

    The name must be unique regardless of regions. You'll get an error when trying to use bucket name already being used anywhere within S3

  3. Set options for your bucket and click Next.
  4. Set permission settings for your bucket and click Next.
  5. Review your bucket properties and click on the Create bucket button.
  6. You'll be brought to the S3 bucket listing. Click on name of the bucket you've just created to manage it.
  7. Test your S3 bucket by uploading a file.
    1. Click on the Upload button.
    2. Click on the Add Files button.
    3. Select the files that you want to upload and click on the Open button.
    4. Click on the Upload button to start uploading the files you've just selected.
    5. Wait for the upload to finish.
    6. Click on one of the files you've just uploaded.
    7. Click on the hyperlink for the file at the bottom.
    8. You should get this permission error when accessing the object as the bucket and all the files within are by default set to private.
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