AWS command line interface (CLI) tools are provided by AWS as a pip package and an installer bundle. There is however an RPM package of the tool made available for CentOS and Red Hat in the default yum repository. Installing AWS CLI tools via yum is the easiest way as it will install the tools in proper path and while also installing all the required dependencies.

You can install AWS CLI tools using yum at the terminal.

Steps to install AWS CLI tools on CentOS, Red Hat or Fedora:

  1. Install awscli package via yum.
    $ sudo yum install --assumeyes awscli
    [sudo] password for user:
    ### snipped ###
    Dependencies Resolved
     Package                      Arch   Version                      Repository
     awscli                       noarch 1.14.28-5.el7_5.1            base    1.0 M
    Installing for dependencies:
     PyYAML                       x86_64 3.10-11.el7                  base    153 k
     jbigkit-libs                 x86_64 2.0-11.el7                   base     46 k
     libjpeg-turbo                x86_64 1.2.90-6.el7                 base    134 k
     libtiff                      x86_64 4.0.3-27.el7_3               base    170 k
     libwebp                      x86_64 0.3.0-7.el7                  base    170 k
     libyaml                      x86_64 0.1.4-11.el7_0               base     55 k
     python-backports             x86_64 1.0-8.el7                    base    5.8 k
                                  noarch                base     13 k
     python-cffi                  x86_64 1.6.0-5.el7                  base    218 k
     python-dateutil              noarch 1.5-7.el7                    base     85 k
     python-docutils              noarch 0.11-0.3.20130715svn7687.el7 base    1.5 M
     python-enum34                noarch 1.0.4-1.el7                  base     52 k
     python-idna                  noarch 2.4-1.el7                    base     94 k
     python-ipaddress             noarch 1.0.16-2.el7                 base     34 k
     python-pillow                x86_64 2.0.0-19.gitd1c6db8.el7      base    438 k
     python-ply                   noarch 3.4-11.el7                   base    123 k
     python-pycparser             noarch 2.14-1.el7                   base    104 k
     python-s3transfer            noarch 0.1.13-1.el7.0.1             updates 2.9 M
     python-setuptools            noarch 0.9.8-7.el7                  base    397 k
     python-six                   noarch 1.9.0-2.el7                  base     29 k
     python2-cryptography         x86_64 1.7.2-2.el7                  base    502 k
     python2-pyasn1               noarch 0.1.9-7.el7                  base    100 k
    Transaction Summary
    Install  1 Package (+22 Dependent packages)
    Total download size: 8.4 M
    ### snipped ###
  2. Configure your AWS CLI tool to start managing your AWS systems.
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