Social media traffic is the type of traffic that, if viral, could bring a huge spike in your website traffic. This is true, especially if your website is made it to the front page of Reddit or Digg.

Social media traffic is not targeted, which means they don't convert well if you're monetizing your website, but could be useful in self-promoting your website. It could also bring some inbound links as people share what they found on your website elsewhere, which will then increase your search engine ranking.

These tips would help you improve your social media traffic.

Shameless self promotion

You should start promoting your website on social media before anyone else does. Post about your new article service on Twitter or Facebook and hope it'll get retweeted and shared by your friends and go viral.

Simplify sharing

Most social media provides sharing button, which simplifies website visitors to share it on social media. Having these buttons on your website's pages will become very handy to visitors if they find anything interesting to share.

Some websites, such as AddThis and ShareThis that make things easier by providing sharing services that buttons and widgets for easier sharing. They even provide extra features such as tracking and analytics.

Interesting content

It is important to submit interesting content and a descriptive title to social media websites to increase the chance of the success of your submission. It is because social media website's visitors might never hear of your website and never searched for what's presented to them on the social media website. Your submission acts as the first impression of your website, and so it's good to make them interesting and catchy.

Social media traffic also tends to like multimedia content such as videos or images and not much of the serious stuff.

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