Huawei E1552 is a HSDPA USB Stick capable of delivering HSDPA connectivity at up to 3.6Mbps. Being a USB stick modem cause some problem with older version of Ubuntu (and Linux general), but is easily fixable by the following method.

Steps to configure Huawei E1552 in Ubuntu Linux:

  1. Create new udev rule using your preferred text editor.
    $ sudo vi /etc/udev/rules.d/50-huawei-e1552.rules
  2. Add the following lines and save the file.
    RUN+="/lib/udev/modem-modeswitch -v 0x%s{idVendor} -p 0x%s{idProduct} -t option-zerocd"
  3. Restart udev.
    $ sudo service udev restart
  4. Create new connection.
  5. Set up a mobile broadband connection.
  6. Choose provider's country.
  7. Choose provider.
  8. Choose plan.
  9. Select created connection (if you're not automatically connected).
  10. If there's no problem, you should be connected.
  11. To disconnect, click Disconnect under your connection name.
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