Display scaling allows you to have bigger text and icons without affecting display quality, just as changing the screen resolution would.

Windows support using custom display scaling option, ranging from 100% to 500% of the screen resolution. This is helpful for those with sight difficulty or a HiDPI monitor.

You can configure display scaling in Windows 11 from the Settings app, which can be accessed directly from the desktop.

Steps to configure display scaling in Windows 11:

  1. Right click on your Windows desktop.
  2. Click on the Display settings menu item.
  3. Click on Scale.
  4. Enter a scale factor in the Custom scaling field.
  5. Click on the tick icon to accept the setting.
  6. Click on the Sign out now button.

    This will log you out from your Windows session. Make sure to save your work first.

  7. Log back in to Windows to your new desktop scaling setting.
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