Kubuntu provides a graphical user interface to add new users to the system. The User Manager module from KDE offers it so that the method will be the same across other Linux systems running KDE.

You can also add new user via the command line which is universal across Linux ecosystem.
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Steps to add new user in Kubuntu (KDE):

  1. Open System Settings in the Computer of the K start menu.

    You can also user the search bar and search for settings to bring up the same icon.

  2. Go to Account Details from Personalization section.
  3. Click on User Manager on the left navigation tab.
  4. Click on New User.
  5. Fill in details such as the username and Real Name.
  6. A window will popup upon clicking the Password field. Enter a complex-enough password till This password is good text appears and click OK.
  7. Tick on the Administrator checkbox if you want to allow sudo or administrator access for the user and on the Automatic Login checkbox if you want the system to automatically login to this user upon boot-up. Click Apply.
  8. Enter your password to authenticate to the system.

    This requires your user to have administrator privilege in the system.

  9. Your new user creation is now complete and can now be seen in the user list.

Tested on Kubuntu:

Version Code Name
24.04 LTS Noble Numbat
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