Increase AdSense Cost per Click (CPC) rate

AdSense works by AdWords advertisers bidding for how much they're willing to pay per click on their ads. You as an AdSense publisher could get as little as $0.10 or more that $10 per click.

These are a few tips on how to get higher CPC for AdSense.

1) Target high paying keywords

Some keywords pay more than the other, and sometimes by a very huge margin. Make sure that your website targets the high paying keywords to enjoy the benefit.

2) Display relevant ads

There's no point in having a website targeting high paying keywords if Google AdSense couldn't figure out what your website/page is all about. It'll be displaying irrelevant ads which might not pay well or even PSA (Public Service Advertisements) which pays nothing. You could make use of section targeting feature in AdSense combined with some basic on-page SEO for your website.

3) Target high paying regions

As with keywords, ads targeted for certain regions could pay more than the others. Local ads for Denmark and Netherlands could pay more than local ads in Vietnam.

4) Display less ads

Google will display the highest paying ad on your first ad slot, with lesser paying ads displayed on the subsequent slots. It could be better in general to show less ads but each with high CPC rather than a lot of ads but the lower paying ones placed more strategically and gets the click.

5) Display both text and image ads

You have the option to only display text or image/media for your every ad unit, or you could also choose to display both types. Google will display the highest paying ad regardless of the type, so limiting the ad type will only limit the amount you will get per click.

6) Avoid smart pricing

Google will pay you significantly lower than the amount the advertisers bid for a particular ad if it thinks the click that come from your site does not give good conversion for the advertisers. This is called smart pricing and you should not let your website be affected by it.

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Written by Mohd Shakir Zakaria. Last updated on 2019-03-21