Block competitive and irrelevant ads in Google AdSense

While Google has come up with great algorithm to serve relevant ads to your site, it's not always foolproof. There are also times where you want to block specific ads from appearing on your site for being competitive with your site's purpose.

To do this, go to Allow & block ads → Blocking options → Advertisers URLs from your Google AdSense dashboard. On that page, click on the Block new URLs button.

You will then come to the Block new URLs window. Make sure you select the AdSense product id that you want to block the ads on.

You can now add the URL of the ads that you want to block from appearing in your AdSense ad unit, one per line. You'll also need to check on the reason on why do you want to block the ads.

Once you're done, click on the Block sites button and the site you have just blocked will appear in the blocked ads list.

Tip: Copy ad URL

You can copy the URL of the competitive ad without clicking on the ad itself by following these simple steps.

Right click on the ad, and click on the Copy link address from the menu if you're using Google Chrome, or anything similar if you're using other browser. This will copy the URL to your clipboard.

2) View in text editor

To view the URL, use the paste function or hit Ctrl + v on the keyboard. The URL is in the adurl section.

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Written by Mohd Shakir Zakaria.

Last updated on 2019-02-12.