Targeting for high-paying keywords in Google AdSense would help you earn more by getting higher cost-per-click ads for your website. One way to search for high-paying keywords is by using Keyword Tool from within Keyword Tool in Google AdWords.

Step-by-step video guide:

Search for high paying keywords using Google AdWords Keyword Tool:

Go to the Keyword Tool's website and follow these steps.

The first step is to search for a base keyword that you want to target. In this example, adsense is used.

Insert word or phrase

Enter the keyword adsense in the Word or phrase textarea. you can insert more than one keyword, one per line.

Verify captcha

Fill in the word as in the captcha image to verify that you're human and not automating your keyword search.

Enable Estimated Avg. CPC column

To see the CPC of each keywords, you'll need to enable the Estimated Avg. CPC column. To do this, select the option from the select list on the upper right of the result table and click Apply


Click on the Search button to start searching.


You'll get the result somewhat as the following. Do note the estimated average cost per click on the right side of the table.


The result, by default, will display keyword suggestions based on the relevancy of the keyword being search. You'll want to sort it out based on the average CPC.

Sort by Estimate Avg CPC

To do this, click on the Sorted by relevance select list on the result table header, and choose Estimated Avg. CPC.


The result is now sorted based on the highest average CPC. You can start targeting your website for the keyword on top of the list.

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