DokuWiki has great support for SEO, but unfortunately its default configuration is completely against SEO best practices. Follow the these tips to make your DokuWiki site more search engines friendly.

Use clean URL

DokuWiki's default URL structure is simply not optimised for SEO. It is somehow easy to fix though.


Disable indexing delay

DokuWiki uses a method to combat spam by adding noindex,nofollow robots meta header to new pages. This disallow indexing and crawling by search engines.

How to disable delayed indexing in Dokuwiki

Enable hierarchical breadcrumb

It's a useful feature for user, and good for SEO as well.

How to enable hierarcical breadcrumb in Dokuwiki

Return 404 for non existing page

Dokuwiki returns 200 HTTP status code for non-existing pages. This might trigger duplicate content alert to search engines.

How to return "HTTP 404/Page Not Found" for non-existing pages in Dokuwiki

Generate and submit XML sitemap to search engines

DokuWiki has the capability to generate XML sitemap of our site. Use it wo our advantage.


Linking to any pages will pass some PageRank to it, and linking to external sites will lessen our site's total PageRank.

How to set nofollow for external links in Dokuwiki

Block crawl to sensitive and unintended pages

Dokuwiki has many special pages and directories that we best not allow search engines to crawl.


Eliminate orphan and wanted pages

Orphan (a page with no inbound link) and wanted (a link to non-existent page) pages should be minimized to 0.


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