DokuWiki is a powerful but simple to use Wiki and is mainly aimed at creating documentation. Another great thing about it is that it supports plugin. You can find various plugins hosted at DokuWiki's plugin page

There are 2 methods i]to installing plugins for DokuWiki, and you can choose any of these 2 methods;

Install DokuWiki plugin via admin interface

To install DokuWiki's plugin via the admin interface, you need to go to the Plugin Management module in the admin panel. To do this, go to the following URL;

Of course, change the address with your own DokuWiki's installation address. Once you're there enter the URL of the plugin you wish to install in the textbox and click the Download button. The system will download the plugin for you, and extract it in your DokuWiki's plugin folder, and it's done. <php>echo “<!– Ezoic - sg-display-content-mid-01 - mid_content –><div id='ezoic-pub-ad-placeholder-122'></div><!– End Ezoic - sg-display-content-mid-01 - mid_content –>”; </php> ===== Install DokuWiki plugin manually ===== Another method to install a DokuWiki plugin is by manually downloading and extracting the plugin to the right folder. To do this, download any of the plugin that you want to install, and extract it to the following folder of your DokuWiki installation folder. <code> lib/plugins/ </code>

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