Hierarchical breadcrumb is useful if your DokuWiki site's content is well organized into strict hierarchical namespaces. It will tell you where you are, and you can track your location back to the main page.

This is good for user experience, and useful for SEO as well, as it distributes link juice/PageRank between other pages in the site.


Access the Configuration Manager page

Use the following URL if the link is not available in your template.


You will need to log in if you're not already are.

Enable the youarehere option

Find the option in the Display Settings→Hierarchical breadcrumbs section.

Make sure the option is ticked.

Edit template (optional)

If your template don't already have tpl_youarehere() function called where you expect the hierarcical breadcrumb to appear, add this line to the template's main.php file.

    <?php if($conf['youarehere']){?>
    <div class="breadcrumbs">
      <?php tpl_youarehere() ?>
    <?php }?>
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