PHP is a modular system where you can install and enable or disable its modules. These modules provide extra functionalities and you can enable the modules to access the said functionalities or you want to disable certain modules to enhance your website's performance and reduce your security vector.

Shared hosting system such as cPanel doesn't let you install 3rd party PHP modules yourself but it normally comes with most standard modules and you can enable or disable the modules from cPanel's dashboard.

Steps to enable and disable PHP modules in cPanel hosting:

  1. Log in to your cPanel dashboard.
  2. Click on Select PHP Version in the Software section.
  3. Take note on the PHP version that you are configuring.

    Modules are enabled and disabled only for the selected version. You'll need to enable or disable the PHP modules again if you switch to another PHP version later.

  4. Scroll down to see the available modules.
  5. Hover on the checkbox to see the module description (optional).
  6. Click on the checkbox to enable and disable selected module.

    Modules are immediately enabled or disabled when checkbox is ticked or unticked.

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