Naked domain (also called bare or non-www domain) is a domain name without the preceding www. Non-www domain is usually preferred because it's shorter. However, the www domain is still used for some legacy reason or when required, such as when using a Content Delivery Network or CDN.

Some websites that are available on both www and non-www URL could cause Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and user experience issues. It is advisable to host your website in any one domain and perform redirection on the other.

A few methods are available to configure such redirection, though cPanel users can configure this from the cPanel dashboard.

Steps to to redirect non-www to www (and vice versa) in cPanel:

  1. Log in to your cPanel account.
  2. Click on Redirects from the Domains section.
  3. Select redirection type from the select list.

    This is normally to tell bot visitors such as Googlebot if the redirection is only for temporary or permanent. Naked-to-www redirection or vice versa is normally permanent.

  4. Select the domain that you want to perform the redirect on from the list.
  5. Leave the path empty.

    This applies the redirect to the whole domain.

  6. Enter the full URL including http(s) and www in Redirects to field.

    Enter the domain without www if you're redirecting www traffic to non-www (bare/naked).

  7. Select Do Not Redirect www. in www. redirection option.

    This is to exclude already-www traffic to also be redirected

    Select Only redirect with www. if you're redirecting www traffic to non-www (bare/naked).

  8. Check on Wild Card Redirect checkbox.

    This pass full request path to the target instead of just redirecting to the specified path in Redirects to.

  9. Click on Add button to apply the changes.
  10. View generated .htaccess file in your public_html directory.

    .htaccess is a hidden file so you'll need to enabe Show Hidden Files (dotfiles) in the File Manager setting to see the file.

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